Celebrating the band's 30 years in music! Hot salsa by an award winning band.

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Mega Merenue Mix Y Mucho Mas

Salsa, merengue, reggaeton, plena and bachata all mixed ala techno!

A must have for Zumba workouts!!!

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1 cd is hot red salsa & the other cd is blue cool merengue!

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25 to Life

A cd commerating the band's 25th Anniversay!

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On Track

The band's sophmore project.

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Punto De Vista

Contains the hot track "Con Mi Ritmo."

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Somethin' Diferente

Only available through WEPA Records.

Noche Habanera

The band's first cd. Available through downloads only.

Happy Birthday Merengue Song

Available through download only.

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" better than a merengue!!!